To learn how to find and modify a Family Playlist, please follow the instructions below. To learn how to build a Family Playlist from scratch, view our Build a Family Playlist article.

1. Once you have logged into your Educator Account, select Playlists and then the Family subsection. 


2. Once you have found the Family Playlist you would like to modify, select the Copy to Personal button to save it to your My Playlists page. (For more information about finding certified playlists, view our Using the Search Tool and Filters article.)


3. Click the Edit & Assign button to modify the playlist in the My Playlists section. 

4. Your personal copy of the Family Playlist will appear at the top of your My Playlists section. To edit an existing activity or assessment, click on any tile in the playlist. Click the pencil icon to add or reorder content within each section of the playlist. From here you can add activities from the Library or you can create your own personal activities. Please note that the Family Feedback section is not editable.

5. You can reorder playlist activities within each section by selecting the Reorder button and dragging them to their new position. When you are finished reordering, select the Close link.

6. To delete content from your playlist, click the X icon in the upper right corner.

7. To edit any Instructions, Author Notes, Grade Levels, Subjects, Standards, or Keywords, select the Edit Info button.

8. To edit the Instructions or Author Notes, select the pencil icon. Once you have finished editing, select the green checkmark to save your work. 
9. Click the Grades, Subjects, Standards, and Keywords link to expand the menu. Here you can adjust grade level(s), add keywords, and tag the playlist with specific subjects and standards. Once you have finished editing the playlist information, click the green Done button to save your work. 
10. To share this Family Playlist with another educator, select the drop-down arrow and click the Share button. 
11. Send the URL provided to share this playlist. Please note that you are only able to share Family Playlists with educators who also have access to School Edition.  
Congratulations on modifying a Family Playlist! To learn how to assign a Family Playlist to your students, read our Assign a Family Playlist to Your Students article.