While PowerMyLearning Connect has over 100 certified Family Playlists that are ready to assign, you also have the option of editing these playlists to suit your students' needs, or building a new one from scratch! Follow the instructions below to build your own custom Family Playlist.

1. In the My Playlists section, Navigate to the My Playlists tab at the top of your screen, click the Create New Playlist button, and select Family Playlist.   

2. Now that you have created your Family Playlist, you can start customizing each section. Enter specific instructions in the Instructions field, or keep the standard ones already provided. If you would like to add any notes for yourself or other educators (they will not be visible to students), do so in the Author Notes section. You can also add Grades, Subjects, Standards, and Keywords. For more information on this process, read our Build a Playlist article. 
3. To add videos, tutorials, games, and assessments to your playlist, click on the + icon in each of the Learn, Practice, or Check sections. Please note that the Learn and Practice sections can contain activities and that the Check section can only contain a single assessment. This assessment can include multiple questions.
5. Click on the Activity from Library button to browse and add certified activities or activities from your Personal Library to your playlist. Click on the New Personal Activity to create and add a custom activity to your Family Playlist. Click the Check tile to add certified or custom multiple-choice questions. 

6. Click on the Family Exploration tile to add an activity your students will complete with a family partner. This section is mandatory. You will not be able to assign a Family Playlist if you leave the Family Exploration section blank.


7. To see examples of a Family Exploration Activity, click on the View Samples link. 


8. While you cannot edit the Family Feedback section, you can preview it by clicking on the Family Feedback tile. Congratulations on building Family Playlist from scratch! For information on how to assign this playlist to your students, read our Assign a Family Playlist article.

For more information about Family Exploration, please read our What Are Family Playlists article.