You are able to edit an existing Family Playlist assignment, as well as create a new assignment for a playlist that has already been assigned to a class. 

Editing Assignments:

Reasons to edit an existing assignment are:

  • Changing the due date for existing assignments.
  • Changing the reminder date for notifications for existing assignments.

  • If the assignment was given to a subset of students in a class, the edit assignment button is a way to assign it to other students in that class.

  • Deleting the assignment.

1. To edit your Family Playlist assignment, click on the blue Action arrow and select Edit Assignment

2. With the edit assignment menu open, you can delete the assignment by clicking on the X icon, assign or unassign this playlist to additional students by clicking the Add/Remove Students link, change the assignments Due Date, and print the Family Exploration and Family Feedback by clicking the Print Handout or Download Handout links.

3. If you would like to resend a notification or reminder to a specific family partner, click the +Notification link or the +Reminder link.
4. In the Send Notifications/Reminders to Family Partners menu, select the box next to the student whose Family Partner you would like to resend a notification or reminder to, then click the pencil icon to pick a date and time to send the notification, and click Send button.

Creating a New Assignment:

If you would like to assign the same Family Playlist to a different class you can do that by:

1. Click the New Assignment button.

2. The New Assignment menu will appear and you can assign the playlist to a new class the same way you would assign a Family Playlist for the first time.