When you assign a Family Playlist to a student, their family partner will receive a notification message via text message or email. This message is delivered on the date and time specified in the "Notification" section of assigning a Family Playlist. 

When assigning a Family Playlist to a student for the first time, the family partner will receive a welcome text with a link to a video explaining Family Playlists. 

You and [Student] will be completing a Family Playlist together as a part of [Teacher]'s class. To learn more about Family Playlists, click here: https://bit.ly/IntroFamPlay

Immediately after this notification has been sent, family partners will receive the follow-up message that includes a unique URL to the Family Playlist they can complete on a mobile phone, without having to log into an account.

[Student] has been assigned a new Family Playlist by [Teacher]. Please work together to complete this activity by [Due Date]. Click here to open the playlist: http://pmlc.io/m/y9EAAA

For each additional Family Playlist assignment, the family partner will only receive the notification that includes the unique URL to the mobile Family Playlist. Below is an example of what a family partner will receive on their first Family Playlist assignment.