For information on how to import a Google Classroom class to PowerMyLearning Connect, view this guideFor questions about Google Classroom Sync in general, view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. 


Q. What does Google Classroom Sync do?  


A. The Google Classroom Sync feature for PowerMyLearning Connect imports your Google Classroom classes and rosters to PowerMyLearning Connect (PMLC). Your Google Classroom rosters will be reflected exactly in PowerMyLearning Connect as our system syncs with your Google Classroom classes on a nightly basis.  


Q. Is information from PowerMyLearning Connect sent to my Google Classroom class?  


A. No. Syncing your PowerMyLearning Connect account to Google Classroom only imports your class rosters. No information, including assignments, is sent from PowerMyLearning Connect to Google Classroom. 


Q. If I add or remove a student from a Google Classroom class, will that be reflected in my PowerMyLearning Connect classes? 


A. Yes. Your PowerMyLearning Connect account automatically re-syncs with Google Classroom every night so any changes to rosters in Google Classroom will automatically appear in PMLC after the nightly sync. You can also manually sync if you do not want to wait until the morning.  


Q. Is there a way to manually sync your rosters without waiting for the nightly sync? 


A. Yes. On your class roster page, click the Sync Now link in the upper-right hand corner.  




Q. What happens if I delete a class in Google Classroom? 


A. Deleting a class in Google Classroom will delete the class, and all its assignments, in PMLC.  


Q. What happens if I archive a class in Google Classroom? 


A. Once the class is archived in Google Classroom it will also be archived in PMLC. All assignments for this class will be removed from the student's My Assignments page.  


Q. Can students and families still access assignments once a class has been deleted or archived? 


Once the class has been archived all assignments associated with this class will be removed from the student's pages, i.e. Assignments or Reports pages. The Family Playlist links that were sent to family partners will still be active. Family Partners can still leave a response and the teacher will still be able to view the response from the archived classes tab. However, the teacher will not be able to leave a comment. 


Q. What happens if I unarchive an archived class in Google Classroom?  


A. The class will become active in PMLC again and all assignments will be visible from the student's My Assignments page. 


Q. If I have a co-teacher for a Google Classroom class, will that teacher be listed as a co-teacher for the class in PMLC?  


A. If the teacher also has a PMLC account they will be listed as a co-teacher for the class in PMLC. Co-teachers are able to add accounts to the class, assign playlists to students enrolled in the class, and view all playlist reports for the class.