PowerMyLearning Connect allows for multiple teachers to be linked to the same class. Once a class is created, you can add up to two additional teachers to the class. Secondary teachers added to the can have the ability to:

  • Add Student and Family Partner accounts to the class roster.
  • Assign playlists to the class.
  • Run reports related to the class.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding additional teachers to an existing class:

  • The Primary teacher cannot be removed from the class and their name will appear on all printed materials. Besides this, there is no difference in functionality or access rights between the primary and other teachers linked to the same class. 
  • To add a teacher to an existing class, the additional teacher must have a School Edition account at your school.
  • If you imported your class using Google Classroom Sync, a teacher must be a co-teacher in Google Classroom for co-teacher abilities to become available in PowerMyLearning Connect. 

To add additional teachers to your class, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Once a class has been created, click the arrow on the upper-right side of the class tile and select the Add/Remove Teacher button.

2. The Add/Remove Teacher menu, you can add additional teachers to your class. You can add a teacher by searching for their name or email, or by selecting them from the Select Teacher drop down menu.

3. Once selected the teacher will appear in the Add/Remove Teachers menu. 

4. On your Classes page, a class with more than one teacher will have icons for each co-teacher on the class tile.