1. Go to your Reports page. In the Choose Report section, select Usage Report and then Activity Usage Report

2. In the Select Class(es) section, choose the class or student(s) you would like to run the report for. Once your Usage Report and Class have been selected, click the Run Report button. 

3. Once you have run the report, you can adjust the Time Period by editing the dates on the right side.

4. To view more activities used by the class, click the See More link. 

5. To print this report, click the Send to Printer button. 


6. Below the Whole Class Activity Usage report is the Student Usage Summary. You can print the entire summary but clicking the Send to Printer button. If you would like to view a usage summary for an individual student, click on their name in the Student Name and Username column. 


7. If you would like to print a Usage Summary for an individual student, click on that student's name to open their report and click the Send to Printer button.