There are several different ways to link a student's PowerMyLearning Connect account to their parent's account. Each method is described below. 

Students Inviting Parents

1. Students will log into their Connect account where they will be automatically taken to their Dashboard. Next they will scroll down until they find the My Family section and click the green Add Family Partners button.

2. Students can enter their family member's email account into the box on the left and click the green Invite button. Their family member will be sent an email inviting them to join PowerMyLearning Connect and linking them to their child's account.

3. If they know their family member's phone number, they will enter the phone number in the box on the right. Then click the green Invite button below.

4. If their family member already has a PowerMyLearning Connect account, the student will provide their family member with an Invite Code. In the same section where students clicked the green Invite Family button, there will be a blue Invite Code. Students will provide this code to their family member and they will enter it in their Your Children section on their My Account page.


Parents Linking to Students

1. If parents have received an Invite Code, they will log into PowerMyLearning Connect, go to their My Account page by clicking on their username in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then select My Account.   

2. Next, they will scroll to the bottom of their My Account page and click the Add a Child link.

3. In the pop-up menu that appears, family members can link to their child's account in two different ways. The first way is by entering the Child's Family Code/Invite Code on the left side. 

4. If family members don't have their child's Class Code, they can enter their child's username and date of birth into the fields on the right and click the Link to Child button. 

5. Once their accounts have been linked, both the family member and student will receive a notification. 

For a family member specific article about linking accounts, see our Link to Your Child's Account page. For a student-specific article about linking accounts, see our Create a Family Partner Account page.