This article will show you how to view, add, or remove teachers from your school, and how to change their PowerMyLearning Connect permissions.


Adding and Removing Teachers from your School

To add a teacher to your school, click on the Staff tab in your Admin View and select the Invite Staff button. 

In the Invite Staff to Create or Upgrade Educator Accounts window, you can share a School Edition Code for new teachers to enter on their My Account page, or you can send them the URL link provided below.


If you send the URL link to an educator, they will be directed to the page below. From here they can log into their existing account or, if they are a new user, register a new account. They will not need to enter a code.

If you send a teacher a 6-Digit School Edition Code they can create a new account, or log into your existing educator account, and go to their My Account page by selecting their display name and clicking My Account.

On their My Account page they will enter the 6-Digit School Edition Code into the Access the School Edition field and click Apply.

They will receive a confirmation that they are now enrolled in PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition. 

To remove a teacher from your school, locate the teacher and select the X icon next to their name. 

Click the Yes, Remove button to confirm.


Changing a Teacher's Permission Settings

There are three permission types for teachers registered with PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition. Those permissions are:

  • Administrator: Access to Admin View, has the ability to manage staff and students, and access the usage Dashboard.
  • Educator: Access to all School Edition features, but cannot publish playlists to the School Library.
  • Educator with Library access: Access to all School Edition features, and can publish personal playlists to the School Library.


To change a teacher's permissions, locate the teacher and choose their permission settings from the drop down.