The Admin Dashboard is filled with useful information about your school and how PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition is being used in your classrooms. To get familiar with the Admin Dashboard, take a look at the section descriptions below.  


  1. School Summary - This section provides information about how many teachers are registered at your school, how many classes they have created, how many students are enrolled in these classes, and how many of these students have linked Family Partner accounts.
  2. General Information - This section shows how many times students and teachers at your school have logged into the platform, how many playlists have been assigned, and how many activities your students have explored.
  3. Family Playlists - This section shows how many families have participated in a Family Playlist, how many Family Playlists have been assigned, the family participation rate, and the top three most active teachers in regards to assigning Family Playlists.
  4. Date Range - Adjusting the date range will change the scope of your Dashboard data. Looking for information related to a single month? Using the date range will allow you to do just that. 

If you would like to know more about how each of the data points on the Dashboard is calculated, hover your cursor over any section to find out.