To log in to your PowerMyLearning Connect Educator account using Clever, please follow the instructions below.

1. Enter your username and password on your Clever sign in page and select the Log in button. 

2. On the Clever dashboard for your school or district, click on the PowerMyLearning Connect icon. If you do not see this icon, talk with you school or district's Clever Administrator about adding PowerMyLearning Connect to the list of authorized applications.

3. You will be directed to PowerMyLearning Connect's home page with the following pop up displayed. Since you do not have a PowerMyLearning Connect account, select No.

4. PowerMyLearning Connect will automatically create you an account. Your Clever name and associated email address will be used as PowerMyLearning Connect account details.

5. If you would like to change your Display Name (the name visible to your students), go to your My Account page by clicking on your name in upper right hand corner and selecting My Account

6. Enter your chosen username in the Display Name field and select the Save button.