PowerMyLearning Connect provides a rich set of tools to make family engagement as easy as possible. A major aspect of this is the Family Playlist Report

From the Family Playlist Report educators can: 

  • View student submission status and grades in the Check section.
  • View responses to the Family Exploration activity. 
  • View Family Feedback responses and comments.
  • Respond to comments made by your students' family partners.
  • Email, export, or print Family Playlist reports to share with other educators. (For more information on this, read our article on exporting Family Playlists.)

1. Go to your Reports page. 

2. In the Choose Report section, select Family Playlist Report you would like to view. In the Select Class(es) section, choose the class you would like to run the report for. Once your Family Playlist and Class have been selected, click the Run Report button. 

3. The Family Feedback section will summarize the how Family Feedback was submitted and how the playlist was received.  


4. Below the Family Feedback section you will see:
  • Learn and Practice completion status. 
  • Student answers to the multiple choice checkpoints in the Check section.  
  • Student responses in the Family Exploration section.
  • Individual Family Feedback responses to the multiple choice questions and any comments the family partner might have made.
  • A place to respond to family comments. Please note that these responses are sent from a PowerMyLearning telephone number or email account based on the family partner's preference. Your personal phone number and email address will not be used.


5. If a student has attached an image to their Family Exploration response, you can view it by clicking on the View Images link in the Student Response column. 

Congratulations on successfully assigning, assessing, and responding to a Family Playlist!