To adjust your Notification Settings, please follow the instructions below. For information regarding Notifications in general, please view or Notifications Overview article.

1. To access your Notification Email and Digest Settings, click on your username and click My Account

2. In your My Account page scroll down to the Email Settings section. Here you can adjust which notifications will be emailed to you. Even if you uncheck all options for email notifications, you will still see all notifications when you log into your PowerMyLearning Connect account. 


  • Mention notifications: A user mentions you in a post or comment.


  • To-do notifications: When there is activity on to-dos you created or are assigned to. For example, a member marked a to-do you assigned to them as complete would trigger a notification.


  • Notifications on my content: A user has commented on one of your posts.


  • Group activity: When there are new posts in a community, members join or leave a community, or community details are updated. 


3. In addition to receiving emails for each notification, you can choose to receive Community Activity Digests. These email digests contain a summary of all activity in your communities. You can choose to have these summaries emailed to you at the end of each day, at the end of each week, or you can choose to not receive any activity emails by turning this feature off.

4. For an example of what a Community Activity Digest email looks like, view the image below. When clicking on individual notifications in an email digest, you will be directed to the specific post or comment.