For information about adjusting your Notification Email and Digest Settings, please view or Notification Email and Digest Settings article.

Notifications are in-platform alerts that let you know when there has been activity in one of your Communities. To learn about what triggers a notification, and how you can use them, please follow the guide below. 

You will receive a notification when:

  • You've been added to or removed from a community.
  • Someone has joined or left a community that you own (created). 
  • A community's name or goals have been updated.
  • A community has closed.
  • You've been @mentioned in a post, comment or to-do.
  • Someone has liked your post, comment, or to-do.
  • Someone has commented on a post, or to-do you created.
  • Someone has commented on a post or to-do you have commented on.
  • A new post has been created in a community that you own (created).
  • Someone has assigned you a to-do.
  • Someone has unassigned you from a to-do.
  • Someone has edited a to-do you were assigned.
  • Someone has deleted your to-do.
  • Someone has marked a to-do you created as complete.
  • Someone has marked a to-do you were assigned as complete for you.
  • Someone has marked a previously completed to-do you created as incomplete.
  • Someone has marked a previously completed to-do you were assigned as incomplete for you.

1. When logged into PowerMyLearning Connect, you will see a bell icon next to your display name. This is your Notifications icon. When you have received a notification, a red number will appear on top of the bell icon. The number displayed shows you how many new notifications you have. Once you have viewed your notification, this number will disappear.

2. To view your notifications, click on the bell icon. This will display your new notifications. In this menu, you can scroll down to view your last 10 notifications. To view a list of all your notifications, click the blue See all link at the bottom of the menu. 

3. To view the content referenced in a notification, click on the notification. This will take you to the related post, to-do, or community thread.