Community to-dos can be assigned to yourself or other community members to track goals or action items. 

 The following guide will outline:

  • To-do Summary Locations
  • Creating a new To-do from the My Communities Timeline
  • Managing To-dos Assigned to Me
  • Tracking and Managing To-dos Assigned to Others

To-do Summary Locations

When you click on the My Communities tab, you will be taken to the main communities view where you will see what communities you are a member of, and a brief summary of each. This summary includes the number of incomplete to-dos that are assigned to you, and the number of incomplete to-dos you have created for yourself, or other community members.

Once you have selected a Community you will be sent to its Timeline page. A summary of this community's to-dos is displayed on the top-right corner of the page. To track and manage any to-dos posted in this community, click on the To-dos tab on the left side of the page.

Creating a New To-do from the My Communities Timeline

1. To assign a post as a to-do from your timeline, create a new post and check the box labeled Assign as a to-do.  

2. To assign this to every member of the community, click the Assign to Everyone button (this will include yourself). If you would like to assign specific community members, select Choose Team Members


3. If you have chosen so add specific members, check the boxes next to the people you would like to assign and select Add Member(s).

4. Once you have chosen the community members you would like to assign, click the Assign button. 


5. You have now assigned a to-do to your community members. This post will appear on the community timeline with a to-do icon in the top left corner.


You can click on this icon to see this item in the to-do section of your community, where you can track completion or mark as complete.


Managing To-dos Assigned to Me

1. To manage a to-do that has been assigned to you, click on the To-do tab.

2. To complete a to-do from this view, click on the circled check mark next to the to-do you wish to complete. 

3. The completed to-do status will turn green.

Tracking and Managing To-dos Assigned to Others

1. On the To-dos page you can view all incomplete and complete to-dos for anyone in the community by changing the Assigned to field to Anyone in Community

2. In the incomplete section, you can see how many community members have completed each to-do. 

3. To view which community members have completed a to-do, click on the status icon. Click on the circle next to your name, or a team member's name to complete the to-do. 

Navigation Tips
You can access your To-dos in several different ways.
1. Click on the to-do notification in the notification drop-down menu.
2. Select the To-dos tab.
3. Click the VIEW TO-DO button on the post in the timeline.
4. C
lick the Assigned To Me link in the To-do Summary box.


No matter where you are in your community, accessing your To-dos are only a few clicks away.