To attach a PowerMyLearning Connect Playlist to a Community post, follow the instructions below. 
1. In the My Communities tab, find the post you would like to attach a playlist to (or in a new post) and click on the + icon to expand the attachment menu. 

2. In the attachment menu, select the Playlist button.

3.  In the Add Content From the PowerMyLearning Connect Library, locate the playlist you would like to attach and click the Attach button. 

4. You will be returned to your My Communities post with the playlist attached. To complete this task, click on the Post button. To remove the playlist from your post, click the X icon.

5. Your post will contain the playlist you attached. Other members of the community will be able to preview the attached playlist by clicking on the playlist's name. 

6. Once a playlist has been shared, other members of your Community can copy it to their personal library where they can make adjustments and assign it to their students. To do this, click on the Copy link next to the playlist's name.