To attach a file from your computer to a community post, follow the instructions below.

The following file types can be attached to a community post: 

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Word (.docx, .doc)
  • Excel (.xlsx, .xls, .csv)
  • PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
  • Video (.mp4, .flv, .wmv, .mov, .avi)

Only file types shown are supported. To upload a file of a different type, convert them to one of the listed file types.

1. In a new post (or a comment on an existing post), click the + icon and then select File from Your Computer.

2. In the file upload menu, select your file and click the Open button.

3. If needed, edit the name of the file and click the Attach button. 

4. Once the file is attached, click the Post button.

5. Other community members will access the file (to view or download) by clicking on the file type thumbnail image or the file name.