To attach a file from Google Drive to a post or To-do in a Community, follow the instructions below. 
1. In the My Communities tab, find the post you would like to attach a file to (or in a new post) and click on the + icon to expand the attachment menu.

2. In the attachment menu, select the Google Drive File button. *If this does not work, check that your browser is set up to allow pop-ups from For information on how to do this, follow these instructions for the browser of your choice: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.

3. If your PowerMyLearning Connect account is not synced to your Google account, you will be prompted to enter your Google email and password and verify that PowerMyLearning can attach files from your Google Drive

4. In the Select a file menu, choose the file you would like to attach and click the Select button. You can also use the search bar to find files in your Google Drive.

5. You will be returned to your My Communities post with the file attached. To complete this task, click on the Post button. If you have attached the incorrect file, click the X icon to remove the attached file. 

6. Your post will contain the Google Drive file you attached. Other members of the community will be able to view the attachment in a new browser tab by clicking on the file name.