For more information on how posts and comments work in My Communities please view the guide below. 

1. Post Box - Create a new post for a community here.

2. Attachments - Click this icon to attach a PowerMyLearning Connect Playlist or a file from your Google Drive.

3. Mentioning Me Filter - Click on Mentioning me to only view only posts & comments that mention you directly.

4. Like - To like a post or comment, click the heart icon. To view who liked your post or comment, hover over the Like link, or click on the number of likes.

5. & 6. Comment on a post by clicking on the Comment link or typing in the comment box directly below a post.

7. Attached Playlist - Click on the playlist title to preview it, and on the “Copy” link to copy it to your personal library. 

8. Attached Google Drive File - View or edit an attached Google Drive file by clicking on the file’s name.

@ Mentions

In your posts or comments, you can @ mention specific community members. This will appear in that member’s notifications and draw attention to your post or comment. To @ mention someone, type the @ symbol and then start typing the name of the community member you are mentioning. You will then be able to select their name.