To create a Community, please follow the instructions below. 

1. To create a community, navigate to the My Communities tab and select the Create a New Community button. 
2. In the Create a New Community menu, enter the community title, information about this community, and optional over-arching goals. 

3. Select an image to represent the community or upload your own image by selecting the Click to Upload tile.

4. Check the box below to allow community members to invite other staff members to join. If you do not check this box, only you, as the community owner, will be able to invite members.

5. Click the Create Button. 

6. Once you have created your community, you can start adding members. You can add members in two ways. The first way is to share your Community Code with fellow staff members at your school, or educators 
from any other school, as long as they also have access to PowerMyLearning Connect School Edition. Educators will enter this code into the Join a Community field on My Communities home page.This is the only way to add members that are outside of your school. 

7. The second way to add members to your community is to select the Add Member(s) button. This will allow you to browse educators from your own school. 


8. In the Add Member(s) menu, check the box next to an educator's name to add them to your community. You can scroll through the list of educators to find specific staff members, or you can type individual names into the search bar. Once you are finished, click the Add Member(s) button. 

9. Click the Close button in the Community Created pop-up.

  10. You will be directed to your new Community