PowerMyLearning Communities let you work more collaboratively and power up your professional learning with your peers!  In your personalized community, you and other teachers at your school can: 


  • Collaborate on lesson ideas, student playlists, and other classroom resources. 
  • Receive feedback from your peers on classroom practices. 
  • Create To-Do's to track and manage team goals or tasks. 
  • Blend your Professional Development time by assigning one of our certified PD playlists to your fellow educators. 

We specifically designed each community feature to aid you and your colleagues in the categories listed above. Read about our community features below to learn how they can benefit YOU! 


Attach a Playlist: Educators attach playlists to community posts for many reasons. Here are two ways you can use them:  

  1. Feedback: Get help refining your playlists before assigning them, or look for ways to improve a playlist that your students have completed. Community members can also copy an attached playlist to their own personal library and assign it to their students.  
  2. Professional Development: Assign a playlist to other teachers in your community as a learning experience. Use one of our certified PD playlists (or create your own) to broach new concepts and have your colleagues respond to questions about the content. You can view (and reply to) their answers in an assessment report, accessible directly from your community post.  

To-Do's: Creating a post as a to-do helps you and other members keep track of action items and tasks, as well as monitor ongoing goals. Each community members’ “to-do” bank can become a living portfolio where they can easily view an archive of the professional development resources, tools, and plans that represent the work they have conducted along their learning journey.  

Post Comments: Members of a community are able to comment on every post. Whether you post a discussion topic, playlist, educational resource, or assign a to-do, your colleagues can share classroom practice questions and engage in collegial discussions regarding professional learning goals. You can keep all conversations in one location and stay aware of all post activity. 

Notifications: Customize your community notifications to send you daily or weekly activity digests that summarize what has been happening in each community. You can also receive in-platform notifications.  

Attach a File: Do you have an educational resource in a specific file type that you would like to share? Attach one of the following file types for your colleagues to provide feedback on.  

  • PDF (.pdf) 
  • Word (.docx, .doc) 
  • Excel (.xlsx, .xls, .csv) 
  • PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt) 
  • Text (.txt) 
  • Image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) 
  • Video (.mp4, .flv, .wmv, .mov, .avi) 
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides