Facilitator's Guide - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – Word; Google Docs

Flier - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – Word; Google Docs

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Slides - Family Playlists Kick-off Event – PowerPoint; Google Slides


If you are using Family Playlists with your classes this year, read on for more information about hosting a Family Playlist kick-off event at your school.  

Why host a Kick-Off Event? 

Hosting a kick-off event at your school is a great way to ensure families have a great experience with Family Playlists for the rest of the year. The primary goals of a kick-off event are to:  

  • Introduce Family Playlists and share why you are using them with your classes this year
  • Ensure families understand how to access Family Playlists at home 
  • If time allows, provide students and families with an opportunity to practice working together on a Family Playlist 


Tips for Hosting a Family Event  

  • Host the event at a convenient time for families (ex: in the evening)  Encourage students and families to attend together 
  • Invite a staff-member or parent volunteer to help translate, if needed 
  • If your school’s budget allows, provide snacks  
  • Provide crayons and coloring pages for younger siblings who need to tag along 
  • Review the resources in the Facilitator's Guide to prepare materials for the event