Please follow the instructions below to save a playlist to your My Playlists section. If you would like more information on how to edit a certified playlist, please read our article on Modify a Certified Playlist

1. In the Playlist section of the Library, locate the playlist you want to save to your My Playlists section.  

2. Once you have found the playlist, click the Copy button on the right side of the playlist.

3. If needed, edit the name of the playlist (for example removing "Copy of") and click the Copy button. 

4. Click the Edit & Assign button to go to your My Playlists section and edit and assign this playlist. To continue searching the library, click the Close button. 


For more information on how to edit certified playlists, see our Modify A Certified Playlist article. For more information on assigning a playlist, see our Assign a Playlist to Your Students article.