You can find certified and personal assessment questions in the Library. Currently, there are two question types available - Multiple Choice and Open Response. To add questions to a playlist, you must add them to an assessment. An assessment can contain a single question or multiple questions. You can create as many assessments as you’d like in a playlist.

To add a question to an existing assessment in an existing playlist, click the Add to Playlist button, find the playlist and assessment you would like to add the question to and click the Add button.

To add a question to a new playlist, enter the name of your new playlist in the "Give your playlist a name" field and click the Add button.

To edit an existing assessment in a playlist, go to your My Playlists page and click on the Assessment tile you would like to edit. 

In the Edit Assessment menu, you can change the assessment's title as well as add a custom introduction to your students in the Assessment Introduction section. 

To options to assign a point value, copy to Library, duplicate, edit, delete, or reorder an individual question within an assessment can be done here.

To add an additional question to your assessment, click the Add Question button and you can choose to add an existing question from the library, or you create a new personal question. 

You can click the preview button to preview your assessment as a student.

You can toggle between Answer Key and Student View, and click on “Check Answer” if you’d like to see the feedback a student would get after submitting the assessment.