For more information about this topic, read our Assessments and Questions Overview article. 

Questions are open-response or multiple-choice assessments. You can add them anywhere in a playlist to evaluate student comprehension.

You can choose to create your own questions, or you can use one of our 800+ certified questions created by the PowerMyLearning Connect content team. These certified questions are aligned with national standards.

To search through our current selection of certified questions, go to the Library section and select Questions and use the search and filter tools. (View our article on Using the Search and Filter Tools for more information.) 


To create your own question, please follow the instructions below.

1. In the Questions section of the  Library, click the New Question button.  

2. In the New Question menu, you have the option to create two types of checkpoints. The first type is Open Response and the second type is Multiple Choice.  

3. For Open Response questions, you are able to add a rubric or a key to the question as well as having the ability to make it visible to your students. 


4. For Multiple Choice questions, you can edit all answers, provide correct and incorrect response feedback, and add rationales for each answer. The rationales allows you to leave notes for yourself, or they can provide feedback to students for any answer they choose.

5. For both question types, you can edit the details for your own reference, or for other educators to find and use this question. These details include the following:
  • Grade(s): Choose the grade or grade levels of the students who would use this checkpoint.

  • Subject & Standards: Choose the subject by clicking on the arrow icon next to a subject. To apply specific standards to your checkpoint, click the arrows to the right of each subject to find more specific information. 

  • Features: Choose the Depth of Knowledge covered in your question (Recall, Skill/Concept, Strategic Thinking, Extended Thinking) and the Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Difficult). 

  • Keywords: Add any applicable keywords that will help other educators search for, and find this question. 

  • Source and Image Rights: If you have used content from another source during the creation of this question, you can cite them here. 

  • Comments: Here is where you can add a comment to this question. Comments can be used for reference for yourself, or for other educators. They can also be used to help give the context of this question to your students. 
    (See our article on Playlist Notes for more information)

   6. Once you are finished editing the information for your question, click the Save button located at the top of the menu.