You are able to edit assignments once they have been assigned to your students. 

1. To edit assignments, go to your My Classes page, select the class for the assignment you would like to view, and click the Assignments button.  

2. To edit who the playlist is assigned to, click the links located in the Assigned to column.

3. To edit when the assignment is due, click on the date in the Due Date column.


4. To delete an assignment entirely, click the X icon in the Delete column. 


5. To edit the content of the playlist assigned to your class, click on the playlist name in the Playlist column. For more information on editing a playlist, see our Modify a Certified Playlist article.  

6. To print or download a physical version of the Family Exploration, click the print or Word icon.

7. To send a new notification or reminder to a family partner, click edit in the Messages column.