In certain cases, a student's family partner may not be able to complete a Family Playlist on their desktop computer or mobile phone. For these instances, you can use the printable version of the Family Playlist. *Please note that written responses for the Family Exploration section cannot be added to the PowerMyLearning Connect platform.


Printing a Family Playlist

There are two ways to print a Family Playlist for your students. The first is to print them immediately after assigning the playlist to your class, and the second is to print after the playlist has already been assigned.

In the "Assign this playlist to" section of the Create New Assignment menu, you may notice a red asterisk next to a students name. This indicates that the student either (1) does not have a Family Partner account connected to their account, or (2), they have a connected Family Partner account but it does not include any contact information. This often indicates that a student will need a printed version of the playlist.

After assigning the playlist to your class, you will be given the option to print the Family Playlist. Select the Print button to proceed. 

Select the student(s) who will receive the printed version, choose their home language and click the Print button. 

You will then complete the process by using your browser's print options. Google Chrome is used in the example below.  

If you need to print a Family Playlist after it has already been assigned, locate the assignment in the My Class Assignments page in the My Classes section and click on the printer icon. This will open the printing menu shown above. 


Completing a Printed Family Playlist

Below is an example of a printed Family Playlist that has been completed by the student and their family partner. 

Students will complete the Learn, Practice, and Check sections of the playlist from a computer or mobile phone. Next, they will write down their Family Exploration response on the printed handout. *Data from this section of the printed Family Playlist cannot be entered into the platform.    


The Family Partner will then fill out the Family Feedback section. Family Partners should have answered the three "yes or no" questions by entering either a 1 (yes) or a 2 (no) into the table on the right.

The Family Partner will then submit their Family Feedback responses so they can be viewed in the Family Playlist Report. To do this, they will text the 9-digit code displayed in their feedback response box to (973) 943-4248. For reference, the first three digits of this code are based on the Family Partner's feedback responses, and the last six digits are linked to an individual student account.   

Once the 9-digit code has been submitted, the Family Partner will receive a confirmation via text message.

After submitting the Family Feedback section, the Family Playlist will be marked as complete in the Family Playlist Report and will indicate that it was submitted via text message.


*Note: If you notice in the Family Playlist Report that the Family Partner did not submit their Family Feedback responses, you can text that code for yourself.