To assign a Family Playlist to your students, please follow the instructions below. For information on linking parent accounts to student accounts, see our article on how to Manage Students' Family Partners

1. Go to your My Playlist section and find the Family Playlist you would like to assign.   

2. Once you have found the Family Playlist, select the arrow to open the action menu and click the Assign button to open the Create New Assignment menu. 

3. Assign the playlist to your entire class by selecting the box next to your class name. You can assign the playlist to individual students within a class by clicking the arrow next to the class name and then selecting specific students. Click the Next button to schedule the assignment and notifications.

4. View the descriptions below to see how each section of the assignment menu works:


A. Choose an Assign date to specify what day this playlist will be made available to your students.

B. Select a Due date for your assignment to help students prioritize their work. Due date must be later than the assign, notify, and reminder dates.

Schedule a Notify date and time when your Family Playlist notification will be sent out to family partners.

Schedule a Reminder date and time that will send a reminder to family partners who have not yet submitted their Family Playlist.

Click the Assign button to finish assigning your Family Playlist.

5. Once you have assigned your Family Playlist, you will be given the option to print the Family Exploration and Family Feedback sections for students who do not have internet access at home (and no family partner with a data plan on their phone).
6. Select the student(s) you would like to print a letter for, choose a language, and click the Print button.

7. The printed letter contains the Family Exploration and Family Feedback sections of the family playlist. Students and their family members can complete the family exploration directly on the sheet, and return it. Family members can then send their Family Feedback response via text message by following the instructions on the form. Their responses to questions will be automatically added to your family playlist report. However, families submitting feedback via text message will not be able to send additional comments.


8. To edit your Family Playlist assignment, click on the blue Edit Assignment button. From here you can delete the assignment by clicking on the X icon, assign or unassign this playlist to additional students by clicking the Add/Remove Students link, print the Family Exploration and Family Feedback for specific students by clicking the Print link, and create an entirely new assignment with this playlist by clicking the New Assignment button. 


9. If you would like to resend a notification or reminder to a specific family partner, click the +Notification link or the +Reminder link.
10. In the "Send Notifications/Reminders to Family Partners" menu, select the box next to the student whose Family Partner you would like to resend a notification or reminder to, then pick a date and time to send the notification, and click the "Create New Assignment" button.