In order to copy a playlist to your school library, you must have permission from your PowerMyLearning Connect: School Edition administrator. If you are a School Administrator, click here to learn how to manage staff permissions. 
Please Note: Users are not able to edit playlists directly in the school library. If you would like to make edits to a playlist that you copied to the school library, please follow the instructions below. 
1. Locate the playlist you added to the school library and click the Copy to Personal button. You can tell if you added the playlist to the school library by checking the Added by label below the playlist title.

2. Click the Edit and Assign button to edit the playlist in your My Playlists section. 

3. Add, remove, edit, and reorder activities or checkpoints as needed.

4. Back in the Playlists section of the Library, select the Personal box to view your personal playlists.

5. Locate the playlist you have just edited and click the Copy to School button.  
6. You will receive a notification that this playlist has been copied to your school library.

7. Make sure to delete the original version of the playlist in the school library by clicking on the delete button from the playlist drop-down in the Library.