Course Companions are an easy way for you to integrate Family Playlists into your adopted curriculum. Instead of searching for Family Playlists individually, simply go to the Course Companion tab, select your curriculum or scope & sequence to easily see which Certified Family Playlists align with the specific units and topics in your curriculum. 

Follow the guide below to get started, or click one of the sections above to jump to that section.

Finding Course Companions

1. In the Library section, click on the Math Course Companions link below the Math section

2. Once you've found the Course Companion you are looking for, click on the tile to open it, or add it to your favorites by clicking the star icon.


Using Course Companions

In order to assign playlists to students, you must first copy them to your personal account. Follow the steps below to copy Course Companion playlists to your personal account. 

1. Once you've found a Course Companion of interest, you can explore the content it contains. Click on the playlist titles in each topic to preview that playlist.

2. You can copy playlists individually by checking the box next to Copy.

3. To copy all the playlists contained in the Course Companion, click the Select All button.

4. Once you've selected to playlists from the Course Companion that you would like to copy, click the Copy Playlists button. These playlists will appear in your My Playlists section.


Requesting Course Companions

Don't see a Course Companion for the subject/topic you are looking for? Request a custom Course Companion!

1. Click the on the Contact Us button at the top of the page or the Need a custom Course Companion link at the bottom of the page. 


2. Fill out the Custom Course Companion form and a PowerMyLearning staff member will follow up with you shortly.