To learn how to create a class, please follow the instructions below. To import your Google Classroom classes directly into PowerMyLearning Connect, please read our guide on Google Classroom Sync.

1. On your Classes page, click the New Class button.

3. Click the New PowerMyLearning Class button to begin setting up your class.

If you use Google Classroom and would like to import your class rosters to PowerMyLearning Connect, click the Import Google Class button. For more information on this process, view our Google Classroom Sync article.

4. In the Create a New Class menu that appears, fill out the following fields and then click the Next button. 

  • Class Name: The name of your class. (visible to students)
  • Class Description: Notes that are useful to you. (not visible to students)
  • Subject Area: Your class subject.
  • Grade(s): Choose the grade or grade levels of the students enrolled in your class.
  • Class Icon: Choose an image for the thumbnail that represents you class, or use the default.



5. Choose how you would like to add students to your class. 

  • Students Join with Class Code: Students create their own PowerMyLearning Connect account and join your class using a class code (additional instructions).

  • Enter Student Info: Click the Type Student Information button to add students individually or click the Upload with Excel to add them all at once using a bulk upload excel template.

Type Student Information Individually

1. Clicking the Type Student Information button will re-direct you to your class rosters page. To begin adding individual students and family partner accounts click the Add Student button. 

2. Enter your student's first and last name, their date of birth, and a unique username and click the green checkmark.

3. Once the student account is created click the arrow to the left of their name and select the Create Family Partner Account option.

4. Enter the family partner's first name, last name, phone number AND/OR email address and click the green checkmark.


Upload Multiple Accounts with Excel

1. In the "Bulk Upload Wizard" click the Download our Excel Template to download and open the Excel template.

2. In the Excel template, enter your student and family partner information (make sure to include a phone number and/or an email address). Once finished, Save and Close the Excel file.

3. Back in the account creation wizard, click the Choose File button, select the modified Excel template and click the Open button in our file browser.


4.  Once the Excel template has been chosen, click the Next button.

5. If there are any errors in your modified template, you can correct those in the wizard. Hover your cursor over any errors for an explanation.
6. If a student in the Excel template already has a PowerMyLearning account, you will choose whether to use their existing account (Merge new student information with the selected existing account) or to create an entirely new student account (Create a new student account).

7. Once the bulk upload is complete, you will have the option of printing login cards for your students. Each card includes the student's username and their temporary password. Student use the temporary password to log into their account for the first time. The system will prompt them to create a new password. If you choose not to print login cards now, you can print them at any time from your class rosters page.

8. Once the bulk upload is complete, you will see your students listed in your class roster.